Information Law and Policy Centre

The Information Law and Policy Centre (ILPC), based at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London), launched in spring 2015. The Centre’s mission is to undertake, promote, and facilitate, cross-disciplinary scholarship and research in the area of information law and policy, domestically and internationally, in collaboration with a variety of organisations within the public and private sectors, and civil society.

The work for the Centre is led by its Academic Director, Dr Nóra Ni Loideain.


ILPC Annual Conference 2022: Online Safety in a Connected World

We are pleased to announce this call for papers for the Information Law and Policy Centre’s 7th Annual Conference on 17-18 November 2022 hosted by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) and supported by the School of Advanced Studies (SAS) and Bloomsbury’s Communications Law journal. You can read about our previous annual events here.

We are looking for high quality contributions that explore the impact of policymaking focused on ensuring ‘online safety’ and the increased use of data- driven systems that are increasingly connecting all aspects of society, particularly the implications of these changes for the rights and responsibilities of individuals and organisations. Papers should address the development and future of these measures for regulation, policymaking, and governance within the UK, Europe, and/or internationally.

How to apply: Please send an abstract (250-300 words) and a short bio to Eliza Boudier, Fellowships and Administrative Officer, IALS: by Monday 15 August 2022. Abstracts will be considered by the Centre’s academic staff and advisors, and the Communications Law editors. Let us know if you prefer to present in person at IALS (17 November) or online (18 November).

For further details, click here.


RightCon 2022 – Reflections by Jeni Tennison

RightCon 2022 – Reflections by Jeni Tennison

RightsCon is the world’s leading summit on human rights in the digital age. RightsCon offers a platform for thousands of participants around the world to convene, connect, and contribute to a shared agenda for the future. It enables business leaders, activists,...

Current Developments

March 2021

Jim Waterson, ‘Legal challenge seeks to stop ministers sending disappearing messages’, The Guardian (29 March 2021)

European Parliament resolution of 25 March 2021 on the Commission evaluation report on the implementation of the GDPR two years after its application (25 March 2021)

Department of Digital, Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issue Memorandum of Understanding on

Role of the ICO in relation to New UK Adequacy Assessments’   (19 March 2021)

Financial Times (Editorial Board), ‘Uber has taken a half-step on workers’ rights’ (17 March 2021) 

Government Response to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s Conclusions and recommendations on police use of new technologies and biometrics, including live facial recognition (LFR) (9 March 2021)


ILPC Seminar Series 2020 

Spotlight Series