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Associate Research Fellows


Dr Rachel Adams, Associate Research Fellow 
Dr Christina Angelopoulos, Associate Research Fellow
Dr Damian Clifford, Associate Research Fellow
Dr Richard Danbury, Associate Research Fellow
Dr Faith Gordon, Associate Research Fellow
Julian Harris
, Associate Research Fellow
James Michael, Senior Associate Research Fellow (and chair of the Information Law and Policy Centre Advisory Board)
Dr Judith Townend, Associate Research Fellow
Professor Lorna Woods, Senior Associate Research Fellow  

Visiting Fellows

Jamie Grace, Visiting Fellow, 2019 -20 
Professor Satoshi Maeda, Visiting Fellow, 2016-17
Dr Alex Antoniou, Visiting Fellow, 2015-16
Dr Judith Bannister, Visiting Fellow, 2014-15
Professor Katherine Biber, Visiting Fellow, 2014-15
Dr Joaquín Sarrión, Visiting Fellow, 2014-15  

Research Associates

Dr Irini Katsirea, Research Associate, 2020-21
Bethany Shiner, Research Associate, 2019-20
Dr David Erdos, Research Associate, 2019-20
Dr Maria Cristina Gaeta, Research Associate, 2019-20
Peter Coe, Research Associate, 2018-19
Dr Damian Clifford, 2018-19
Dr Faith Gordon, 2017-18