Research opportunities

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at the School of Advanced Study offers a number of opportunities to those who wish to undertake research at the Information Law and Policy Centre.

MPhil/PhDs: These are research degrees examined wholly by thesis, prepared under the supervision of a member of staff of the University. Most MPhil and PhD students in law are registered at one of the six law schools and supervised by a member of their staff. The Institute, however, is able to accept a limited number of MPhil and PhD students who are of high quality and whose research topics fit with the Institute’s own research interests, including Information and Communication Law and Policy. Please visit this page for more information. Information about possible sources of funding can be found here.

Visiting fellowships: These Fellowships are designed for persons already established in their own areas of activity who are undertaking work within fields covered by or adjacent to the Institute’s own research programmes, including information law and policy. These Fellowships are not confined to academic lawyers, but are equally open to scholars of other disciplines working in the relevant fields, and to practising lawyers or judges with scholarly projects to pursue. Please visit this page for more information.