Press and Media Coverage of ‘Protecting Sources and Whistleblowers in a Digital Age’ Report

In February 2017, the Information Law and Policy Centre published a report entitled ‘Protecting Sources and Whistleblowers in a Digital Age‘. The table below captures press coverage of the report:

8 Mar REPORT: Source protection in the UK must be strengthened, Journalism Research News
6 Mar Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR — 6 March 2017, ICLR
3 Mar The Front Page in the Digital Age: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies publishes report on protecting journalists’ sources, UK Human Rights Blog (Cross-posted on Inforrm, 7 Mar)
27 Feb Letter to the Guardian, Prof David Lewis, Middlesex University, Guardian
27 Feb Pelapor Pemberitaan Terancam Di Era Digital, Legal Era, Indonesia
27 Feb Journalists must be trained in protecting sources, PA Media Lawyer Bulletin
27 Feb Source protection ‘more honoured in the breach’, PA Media Lawyer Bulletin
27 Feb Technology ‘might be undermining source protection’, PA Media Lawyer Bulletin
27 Feb Investigations – ‘Restrict who sees and knows what’, PA Media Lawyer Bulletin
27 Feb Source protection provisions ‘vital in new legislation’, PA Media Lawyer Bulletin
24 Feb Legal protection for whistleblowers ‘ineffective’, say lawyers, Global Legal Post
24 Feb State surveillance a danger to ‘whistleblowers, journalism and democracy warns PCAW’, Public Concern At Work
23 Feb Technology making protection of sources more difficult for journalists, says new report, Out-Law.
23 Feb Report: Newsrooms must improve source protection in face of government attacks, Press Gazette.
23 Feb Study shows that whistleblowers need greater protection due to surveillance and anti-privacy tech, Beta News
23 Feb Britain’s draconian surveillance powers leave whistleblowers unprotected, study finds, Russia Today
22 Feb Whistleblowers endangered in digital age, says lawyers’ report, Guardian.