The Information Law and Policy Centre is pleased to be supporting this upcoming event at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies on a ‘Draft Convention on Electronic Evidence’, due to take place during the afternoon of 20 May 2016.

Stephen Mason, an expert in this area, has recognised that there is a lack of internationally recognized guidelines or convention on electronic evidence, and is co-ordinating this event and the wider project to address this issue.

Event details

Workshop Leader: Stephen Mason, BA (Hons) (History and Educational Philosophy), MA, LLM, PGCE (FE), Barrister and IALS Associate Research Fellow

This workshop, continuing work launched at a conference in Zagreb in April 2016, aims to support a private initiative to draw up a Convention on Electronic Evidence.

  • “I have spoken so many times (especially in Europe) about electronic evidence, and spoken to so many people, and the same questions keeps on being raised: why is there no Convention on Electronic Evidence being devised by the Council of Europe or the UN?” Stephen Mason

This workshop is a free event for all interested parties to exchange ideas and contribute to the development of a draft international Convention text.

The draft will be further developed online: and appear in Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review 2016. Each person attending the meeting will be listed as having attended the workshop in the formal minutes of the Convention.

REGISTRATION:  This workshop is FREE but advance booking is requested.  To book your place please click here

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